GoldenPaw Herbal Pet Supplement for Cat and Dogs

Your pet should try our product if the pet has:

✅ Respiratory problems of any nature: Kennel Cough, Runny Nose, Sneezing and Sinus Congestion, Collapsed Trachea;
✅ Allergies of any etiology: seasonal allergies, food allergies;
✅ UTI, Kidney and Bladder problems, Urinary Incontinence;
✅ Gastrointestinal problems of any etiology;
✅ Lack of resistance of the body to harmful factors of the surrounding world and requires immune boosting.

?If you are tired of expensive antibiotics or other medications that harm your pet's digestive system, liver and kidneys - try the alternative given by nature! The composition of the 10 best natural ingredients allow us to cover all the organism systems as a whole. Action of the product is aimed at solving the problem: gently, quickly and efficiently.

?Сomplex problem solving due to the unique composition: Cranberry, Clove, Pau D'arco, Olive Leaf, Thyme, Oregano, Echinacea, Wormwood, Garlic, Eleutherococcus - Support, Protection, Improvement for your pet health! Best natural herbal supplements in one bottle!

Add into a water or food, directly in mouth or topically. Use from once to twice a day:
  • under 10 Lbs - 1/2 (half) dropper
  • 10-35 Lbs - 1 1/4 dropper
  • 36+ Lbs - 2 droppers
QUALITY IS OUR ADVANTAGE - we are proud to provide the customer a product that is grown, harvested, processed and manufactured exclusively in the USA!