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We donate 20% of income to Armed Forces of Ukraine and support Ukrainian refugees all over the world.
You can join and contribute to peace in Ukraine too!
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    Golden Paw for you!
    A personalized approach to animal nutritional supplements without a passion for corporate values is what made us found Golden Paw 5 years ago.
    Now we can say with confidence - everything was successful. We're delighted to be able to bring health and wellness to your pets every day.

    Our mission: taking care of all pets using natural ingredients.
    Our ways: Scientific analysis, evidence, and communication with farmers throughout the United States.

    Thank you for choosing us!

    Brand Mission
    Our health is the most precious thing we have.
    We are also responsible for our pets' health as no one else.
    Our task here is to help you, dear pet owner, to facilitate animal care and make it the most effective, accessive and affordable.
    The ultimate goal of Golden Paw is a healthy pet and a satisfied owner.
    Our Values:
    • Quality
      is the most significant thing every customer is looking for in every product or service. Golden Paw provides only 100% high quality pet supplements manufacturing in FDA-registered facility.
    • Integrity
      ensures trust relationship with our customers. Golden Paw team is fully straight and transparent in communication.
    • Service
      is an integral part of success. We respect and appreciate every review, question and remark we recieve from our customers. Golden Paw is open for any interactions anytime.
    • Growth
      for us means willingness to accept your suggestions and be ready to fulfill them. Golden Paw is always on the way to improvement and constant development.
    Our Story
    From the very start, the company has been developing new pet products to present and prove the effectiveness of pure natural and organic ingredients.
    Since Golden Paw appeared on the market with pet supplements, it has never failed. Every day we work on quality improvement, customer support and service promotion.
    To this day, we do everything possible to remain your favorite Amazon Seller.
    Before you receive your bottle, it goes through multiple quality control tests in the laboratory.
    We don't release the product that doesn't comply with established requirements.
    High quality standards is a big priority for us.
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